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Introduction of Avaxia Functional consultant: SAP S/4 HANA team 2/4

Attractive points

With Avaxia, you will gain the following basic skills and techniques as a Functional consultant:

・Technical skills on system
・Documentation skills for clients
・Minutes meeting skills
・Business communication skills

As previously mentioned, Functional consultant treats varies of tasks in accordance with specificity of a project and they are required to have a wide range of skills to carry out the work.

By working on these tasks repeatedly with patience, you will quickly and surely acquire the necessary skills as a consultant.

Furthermore, as Avaxia Group work together as one multi-national team, you can work in an environment where you feel as if you are working in an overseas company. You communicate both Japanese and overseas members. You will have real experience of exchange with your Japanese and overseas colleagues of from skills, points of view. All those points are attractiveness of my team.