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GITEX 2023@Dubai vol.2

Avaxia Group presented the following 5 new products:

  1. 1.Minotaur: This product is a control system for SAP by the combination of AI. Through this solution, the client can see the status and updates it by chatting. It makes monitoring SAP easier. Normally, SAP monitoring tasks would otherwise require specialist knowledge!
  2. 2.Avaxia Customer Report: This product makes it easy to use SAP as a business system. This product is born from Avaxia’s full and own knowledge of SAP!
  3. 3.Ivexia: This is a dedicated AI chatbot and demonstrating chatbot can explaining what Avaxia is without “hallucination” which is the one of the biggest defaults of AI chatbot. It is a newtechnology developed within Avaxia!
  4. 4.Virtual Collaboration Centre: This is “Metaverse” meeting center by VR. The participants can feel closer than actual conventional vide conference, which can get communication easier. This metaverse product became very popular at GITEX, attracting a lot of attention through the scene with visualizing SAP’s operational status!
  5. 5.Power Plant Immersive Solution: This is another VR product. A power plant has been recreated in the metaverse environment, no specific hazards, where we can safely perform training, monitor operating conditions. The use of robots with 360-degree cameras opens the possibility of VR wider!