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About Avaxia SAP BASIS Infra Division: 2/4

Attractive points as being SAP BASIS Infrastructure Engineer/Consultant

1. Acquiring technical knowledge of system infrastructure
You can acquire knowledge not only about SAP itself, but also the platforms (OS, network, database, and cloud) necessary to run the system.
In addition, through system operation and maintenance work, you will acquire firm knowledge of the landscape that can be used in the IT industry in general, such as developed objects management, data exchange management between SAP systems and non-SAP systems.

2. Deepen your understanding of clients’ business
As SAP systems are used for the core part of the company business, engineers and consultants are required to understand what functions (modules) are used in the client’s system and how they are used, and how each function and system are related to each other. Understanding of these will help us to discover correctly how the client manages its business. And the system flow is showing the business flow, as well.

3. Acquiring Japanese and English skills
SAP is an overseas system and many of the instructions are written in English.
Also, customer support is based overseas, so communication is often made in English.
It is difficult when you are not used to work in an environment where English is used as once of shared communication language, but we believe that you will naturally acquire, not only Japanese, but English skills also, as you perform your works.

The news of 3/4 and 4/4 will be updated in May.