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About Avaxia SAP BASIS Infra Division: 1/4

Our job

Avaxia Asia’s SAP BASIS Infra division is primarily in charge of following tasks of BASIS, the foundation module of SAP system:

1. Landscape design of SAP system
We select what components to be in physical layout and how to configure parameters of the system.

2. Construction of SAP system
We install Database and SAP applications.

3. Life cycle management of SAP system.
We implement batches called SAP Note and SP (Service Pack) , a collection of SAP Note, in the system.

4. Operation/Maintenance of SAP systems
We monitor all the performance of SAP systems in operation and troubleshoot. Our SAP BASIS infra division is also responsible, as a part of maintenance activities, for system migration management of development objects as part of maintenance.

We are currently participation in a project to upgrade ECC to S/4HANA of a social infrastructure company.
In addition to the above four tasks, our SAP BASIS and infra team is supporting the client, both from consultancy side and engineering side, to determine how to migrate business data from the old ECC to S/4HANA.