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About Avaxia Functional consultant: SAP S/4 HANA team 4/4

Required language skill level and other skills

As the Functional consultant of Avaxia Asia, English communication ability is certainly one of the essential skills.
When we work, we always discuss, share tasks/info/progress with overseas members. The accuracies for the communication in English are always required even if the language is not your mother tongue. That’s why I would like to underline that English abilities are necessary.
Not only, however, English, but also the Functional consultant has many discussions in Japanese, so functional consultant is required to have an accurate and good communication abilities to manage discussions in/by both Japanese and English.

Also, as in the case of migration project to SAP S/4 HANA in which I am participate, you may be assigned to a lot of tasks. This kind of situation happens depending on the project, and you need to prioritize the work by yourself under such conditions. Therefore, you also need to have self-management skills to settle what needs to be done, by when and accomplish accordingly.