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About Avaxia DevOps team: 3/3

Attraction and Characteristics of DevOps team

The goal is to facilitate from development to deployment and stabilize the developed flow.
Therefore, each tool and process in-between can be selected with a great flexibility.
The attractive point of the DevOps is that you can analyze various tools and processes for improvement, such as the authentication method to be used for logging into the environment, health checks for servers, and so on.
If a problem arises due to the tools or processes employed, it directly affects the operational efficiency of the development team, which can impact on operations and lead to poor development performance. DevOps team becomes more accountable for the selection.
The scope of responsibilities is extensive. And when a trouble happens, clients call the team the first above all, so it is important to correctly assess and plan our roles and scope of responsibilities and to ensure the work runs smoothly.